About Us

  • The Irrigation Association Of New England founded in 1985, was formed to: To promote the development, proper use and acceptance of irrigation equipment, facilities and systems for all possible applications. To promote water and soil conservation, to conserve energy through efficient design and operation of irrigation systems, to enhance the environment by expanding efficient use of irrigation for landscape maintenance, dust and erosion control. To collect and disseminate information regarding irrigation to members, to allied industries and to the public. To develop a canon of ethics as well as design and installation standards and specifications for various types of irrigation systems. To acquaint public and private agencies, institutions and organizations with developments in the industry.
  • The Irrigation Association of New England was established in 1985 to promote efficient irrigation practices through awareness and education. The Irrigation Association of New England Membership consists of Irrigation Contractors, Irrigation Designers, Consultants, Equipment Manufacturers, Equipment Distributors, Municipalities, and Students.
  • Our goal is to keep the public, and Government agencies abreast of the concerns and economic impact of its members.

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