GIA Update - House Budget Amendments

April 15, 2019 11:01 AM | Anonymous

As you know the deadline for budget amendments was yesterday at 5PM. We went through the list and identified the list below. Happy to answer any questions or discuss in greater detail. The budget debate will begin on Monday, April 22 so we have this week to let our legislators know how we feel about these. 

Thanks to those of you who reached out to their State reps asking for their co-sponsorship on #1298 by Rep. Mark relative to funding for the soil testing equipment. Please touch base with them again, or for the first time, asking for their support for that one as well as #1197 by Rep. Finn and in opposition to #1339 by Rep. Dykema.

These two (1197, 1339) are relative to neonics. The Dykema amendment is the same as her legislation and we asked Rep. Michael Finn to file a modified study amendment as an alternative. This is a similar scenario to last year and we hope to keep her legislation out of the budget once again. She filed her bill and the committee should handle this rather than it being added to the budget. 

Happy to discuss in greater detail or answer any questions. 

Stephen A. Boksanski, Principal 

BCB Government Relations, Inc. 

617-423-6600  |  617-835-6394 (m)

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